Explore Your Options


At Ellements Group, we understand that your current life situation and future goals are unique. That’s why we’ve designed strategic categories for you to choose from – just pick the one that comes closest to describing your current life, and we will use it as a platform from which to create your personal financial plan.

Entrance Strategy –  A strategy specifically designed for women who are beginning to invest in a life of their own. If you have recently embraced the challenge of living independently, and want to understand how your actions prior to your thirties influence your ability to achieve all your life goals, we have the experience and expertise to advise you on how to take the first few steps towards achieving your dreams.  We aren’t just financial planning experts – we are women who understand how to relate to you as a person and a client.

Elaborate Strategy – This strategy caters to both single and married women traditionally between the ages of 30-55. This strategy takes into consideration contributing factors such as multiple sources of incomes and the need to consider more than one person’s needs including your spouse, children and other dependent relatives.  Unlike the Entrance Strategy, this approach to planning requires significant attention to an ever-changing financial landscape that will require your plan to both evolve and remain flexible as major life events continue to affect your definition of success.

Elevate Strategy – Designed for those who no longer have a house full of kids and whose career is nearing retirement; the reality of what has been accomplished so far, and what is required to ensure your goals are realized, becomes much more clear.  Now’s the time for you to take advantage of your relationship with Ellements Group and our ability to advise you on and potentially push you to accept new, more advantageous strategies with the ability to help you achieve everything you desire, within an evolving timeline.

Endowment Strategy – As today’s seniors continue to live fulfilling lives much later than previous generations, we are often approached by people just like you, looking to draw a monthly revenue off of their existing portfolio.  This can mean a need to re-evaluate your strategy, sell off or secure certain items within your portfolio, and start to address the realities that are presented in the final years of our lives.  We have created the Endowment Strategy for those who want to be assured of the merits of their actions and how their plan will guarantee the emotional and financial security of those they care about.